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Balloon Filled Skies

BFS? Well...

Because it was so very cool, I debated on whether to post this in the hallowed BFS thread. But, alas, no limits were pushed...other than waking up at 0430. Ouch.

My wife had heard about this balloon launch this morning near our marina on Lake Travis. The upside was that it was sure to be the coolest thing of the summer to watch from the boat. The downside is that it was at freakin' dawn.

So, we dragged ourselves out of bed, threw together some breakfast stuff, then headed down to the water. My wife cooked bacon, eggs and pancakes - oh and coffee - in the galley while I furiously worked the tiller. Heh-heh.

The sun coming up on the water was beautiful...

And it was cool to see other sailors out as well. I guess if you think about it, sailors and balloonists have a lot in common.

Then at about 0615 balloons started sprouting from the treeline by the dam...

Then, one by one, they started popping off and heading northeast out over the lake...

Then, as you'd expect, a freakin' stinkpotter blew by us, only 30' to port. Luckily for him his wake wasn't too bad or I would have thrown my coffee mug at him.

BUT RIGHT AFTER THAT, before I could even take my next sip of joe...a freakin' duck, who I'm sure was drunk, came blasting by us as well...throwing off a HUGE roller...

His wake just about capsized us. So I nailed him with my coffee mug, and as he slowly sank beneath the ripples, quacking weakly, I trimmed my sails. I mean, who gets passed by a freakin' duck! Embarrassing.

We then just watched the balloons float away into the gorgeous morning sky...

There was more hot air in that sky than at anything sailing!! And that's saying something!!

We then sailed for a couple of hours in the light winds (passing a Pearson 27 in the process thank you very much), then headed back in before the temps hit 100+...AGAIN!! As you can see, our lake is down about 30+ feet. Our slips have been pushed out into the lake about 300 yards from where they usually are. It's freakin' hot and dry!

Even so, great sail today!

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