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Your lack of pointing ability is probably due to several factors.

1. your sails lack tell tales ... so there is no way to monitor or visualize the AERODYNAMIC FLOW across the sail(s). Strongly suggest you apply tell tales to the luff/mid-cord/leech of each sail.
An 'entry level' reference for use of tell tales would be: Sail Trim Chart and Sail Trim Guide and a more 'advanced' reference would be ---> magazine articles ---> a 'sequence' of 4 articles ---> Checking Trim on the Wind, November 1973
Achieving Proper Balance, December 1973
Sailing to Windward, January 1974
Are You at Optimum Trim?, March 1974

2. a sails ability to 'point' depends on how much air is 'stacked up' well in front of it (upwash). The jib/main combo creates more 'upwash' and enables the combo to operate at a MUCH higher angle into the wind thus a jib/main (even reefed) combo is going to 'outpoint' a boat with only 'one' sail up.

3. HELM BALANCE. If because the sail SHAPE is bad and the 'balance' between the jib/main is out of kilter OR the shape of a single sail causes undue helm balance ... the result will be that the rudder will 'dragging' (held at a considerable angle off from being parallel to the centerline of the boat).
Your boat is a mast head rig and to make it 'point' with only the main alone (or jib alone), you will have to radically alter the SHAPE of the main alone (or jib alone) by halyard/outhaul/vang, etc. tensions so that there is 'dynamic' balance (interaction between sails and hull/keel) is in tune .... (radical) mainsail halyard/cunningham tension results in causing the point in the sail at which the maximum draft is radically 'moved forward' - heavy heavy tension of the luff (halyard) will move the location of draft 'more forward' (but will cause the leech to become more 'slack' as a reaction).

With only one sail up on a boat designed for jib/main ... your better option would be to reef 2 sails than suffer the poor 'upwash' conditions from the usage of only a single sail and the inevitable 'dragging the rudder through the water sideways', etc. How much to reef or exactly which to sail to reef, etc. .... the helm pressure will indicate which is more appropriate.

When I hear/read that someone "doesnt want to race", it usually tells me that they dont have any interest in sail trim and sail shaping. If you have proper shape and trim there is no 'requirement' that you have to race .... but you will have a better performing and SAFER boat that isnt so subject to 'sudden power-ups' and 'lulls' (and in this case bad pointing ability) ... plus you wont have the 'motor' on so often.

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