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Originally Posted by Sublime View Post
I think this happens more often than people realize. Sad to say but guys don't take advice/help from women very well unless it's cooking or knitting or some other foo-foo girly task.
Men and women are created differently to serve the function of protecting the survival of species. However, in terms of intelligent and organization skills and focus, there are no difference. As matter of fact, women are likely to do better than men. They do it because necessity, simply women out live men by 10 to 25 years. Women learn and succeed.

I have the fortune to work with many capable and well trained female colleagues, I don't see any gender differences. In fact I hire many more female professionals than the male counterpart. When it comes to summer research internship job or part time job, I hire exclusively female students. I look for excellent SAT score and GPA (3.5 plus). The male students in general not as mature and less focused as female student. Just like everything else, there is always an exception. If they caught my eyes, they will be given an opportunity to prove themselves.

Likewise, there are a lot dumb peoples getting into our system, but it only take 30 sec to read their CV and cover letter to know what they have. A short phone interview will confirm that.

When I read the posts, I am color blind, gender blind, and religion blind. I care about the accuracy and merit of the post. One side note, I find it pathetic to see all grown men kissing up to the new lady posters. Some enjoy the flitting and attention, some just fade away because of it.

I hope Sailnet remains a sailing site, not for hooking up. There are plenty of these sites around.

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