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Originally Posted by sandycohen View Post
Hi All -

I came to the terrific realization last night that my reefing lines were several distorting my mainsail shape in light air by collapsing the roach. I've been struggling since I boat the boat with light air main trim, and the big issue was really just the weight of the lines.

So, does anyone have tips on how to store these at the aft end of the boom when not rigged in the mainsail? They are in-boom lines, so I really don't want to totally derig them by pulling through the boom, because getting them back would be a nightmare. They do need to be somewhat out of the way though.

2nd question - could I use a 1/8" reefing line, so i could keep them rigged but reduce weight? Obviously this would be very hard to grip, but it would be alot lighter. I don't love the idea of being out with no ability to quickly reef, but there's no way I'm going back to the issues I was having.

Thanks All!
To prevent the line from going into the boom - just tie a figure 8 at the end.
But it will be a little difficult to thread them back when needed.

Some options:
1) Use "naked dyneema" reefing lines (remove the cover on the part the is outside the boom - weigthing the sail) dyneema is stronger/lighter/less friction. Keepin the cover on the pulling part so its better for the hands

2) Attach thinner (reeving) line to the end of the existing ones, use these to pull inn the reefing lines when needed (through the cringle and back to the boom)

3) Using a light rope (uncovered dynema) creat an endless loop between the clew and the first reef cringle, with a small tail (Looking like the letter Q).
When you need to reeve the reef, attach the reefing line to the tail of the Q and pull i through.
Add same type of loop between the other reef cringles
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