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Here is my take on getting someone interested in sailing... I for one give up trying to get a girlfriend or any of my friends at that interested in sailing. The whole fantasy of me doing something like this with some super sailing woman is just a dream... Honeymoon Crosses the Ocean - YouTube Anyone ever seen these videos? This couple named their boat the "Honeymoon" and basically sailed the globe. They went all over the place and its recorded in several videos! Their last video from Brissy to Sydney is just priceless.

Problem is I have found my girlfriends, friends and family are just NOT hardcore enough. Sailing I guess takes a little love for it, toughness and bravery that most people simply lack. My last girlfriend who claimed to be sea and had all these fantasies of sailing away with me, I am afraid was simply not cut out for it.

There was a reason why I knew I had to learn how to single hand very well and that is because if I want to sail, and really sail, I think it will be 75% of the time single handed. Good thing for me that I have learned. I may actually be casting off for the Gulf Islands by the end of this week, half the trip looks like it will be single handed.

This all said, I now realize the reality of it all and that simply is... the woman who will sail away with me is not a girlfriend or wife at all, rather its the very boat I own or will own. She is the one who will never give up, who will go the full length, and fulfill our dreams. The average person is just not cut out for all of this. Heck many of my friends complain about hot weather and they, just as I am, were born and raised in the south so go figure. I can sail all day in 95 degree temps.

One sure way to convert almost anyone regardless of their desire or fear is to have a yacht like this... SPCruiser: Island Packet Yachts Then its like they can be in their high class luxury suite, in the AC and watching TV or showering. Check the photo gallery of this gorgeous boat and see what I mean. Me, I will own what I want and certainly won't ever buy something to try and get others to come sailing. As my boat, Tropic Spirit is plenty nice and clean inside out and very comfortable for a weekend trip. She is more then enough for two or even four people provided two are a couple as the v-birth is close sleeping quarters.

At last, hats off though to the newly weds in that youtube video, they really have lived the dream that I am sure many of us on here would love to live. I find it amazing that I have to beg some people to break routine and just have fun for a change. Its like... Hey! Go ahead and live sometimes, its not a crime and you wont get in trouble for it.

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