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Originally Posted by yashgore View Post
hey guys, could you please fill out this tiny questionnaire... i need the info for my 4000 word extended essay and this is my primary research... only a few simple questions...

1. What is your name? (Optional)
 __________Sublime______________________________________

2. How often do you sail in a week?
 During the vacations ______2-3 days on sailing vacations in the past___________
 For the rest of the year ____I usually get out once a week on average__________________

3. Do you own a boat?
Yes (3 of them)

4. How many years/months of experience do you have in sailing?
 _____15 years or so________________________

5. What is the wind speed (in knots) that you prefer to sail with?
 _____5-30, depending on the boat______________

6. What type of boat do you prefer to sail in? Choose the appropriate. [More than one response per category is acceptable
 Occupancy
o Single
o Double
o Four people
o Six or more people
 Sail shape
o Triangular-I've never sailed the other
o Rectangular
 Number of sails
o Only mainsheet
o Mainsheet and foresail
o More than two sails
 Onboard motor
o Yes, it is preferred

 Name of make and model:Hunter 260, Drascombe Lugger, and Alcort Minifish
 Weight:___5,000lbs, 780 lbs, 80 lbs_____ (please specify the measurement)
 Length:___26' and some change, 19', 12'________ (please specify the measurement)

7. What angle do you prefer to keep your sail at in accordance with the direction of the wind? Choose any one.
Huh? I keep it in the direction which develops the most power. If this is a question about preferred point of sail, then it would be the 40-50 range.

8. Do you reef your sail? If yes, at approximately what wind speed?
o Yes
____The Hunter needs to start reefing at 15 knts, the Drascombe at 25 kts, the Minifish has no reef points____knots

Thank You!
You're welcome.

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