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Originally Posted by PaulinVictoria View Post
If people are offended by it, it's their problem not yours. In most civilised parts of the world, being nude in public isn't actually an offence (as in arrestable), as long as it is not deemed to be "sexual". So laying on a beach airing the twins is fine, but playing with them, perhaps not
I would not rely on this statement, as it is not correct, at least for much of the U.S. Of course, it's entirely possible you knew that and were indicating your belief the U.S. is not a civilized part of the world.

But in many, if not most, places in the U.S., being nude in public absolutely is an arrestable offense. It depends, however, on the specific wording of state and local statutes and ordinances. In some cases, "public indecency" or "public nudity" requires an intent or knowledge that others see you. If you're out in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, miles from anyone and you're nude in the (if you'll excuse the expression) cockpit or on the foredeck, but there's nobody for miles around who might see, you, I'd wager you wouldn't have a problem.

But if you're a few hundred yards off-shore and some old lady peeking out to have a look at your boat with her binocs sees you, there's nothing saying she won't call the police and they won't pay you visit and tell you to cover up. I know of such cases that actually have happened. Because there are too many people who can't stand seeing someone else having fun that they disapprove of and who see it as their duty to put a stop to it.

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