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Originally Posted by cormeum View Post

I'm at work and I get a call from the Waukegan Harbormaster asking if I've given permission for anyone to take our boat out.

Me: Noooo.

Them: well there's a woman who is on your boat and it's pinned up against the end of E- dock (our slip is on D-dock)

So I make the land speed record getting up to waukegan harbor, meanwhile the harbormaster has called the Waukegan Police and they're all waiting at the end of E- dock

There a 60 y.o. or so woman sitting on our boat wearing a Chicago Sailing School polo, with the jib and mizzen sort of up. Fortunately, the wind today is about 3 kts so there was not too much opportunity for damage, however the woman had tossed some moorrage pieces off the dock onto the deck so I have some minor fiberglass repairs to the deck to do. Also good that CSS didn't actually teach her to sail

Seems that she walked down to the end of the pier, untied the boat and walked it out. She then (partly)put up the mizzen and unrolled the jib.

She then realized that she didnt know how to sail- she bumped off the breakwall a couple of times and the wind then slid our boat against the end of E dock. End of the ride.

She was still sitting on the deck when I got there. She had pulled the hinge pins off the center hatch but couldn't open it as it's dogged all the way 'round.

I walk up and say to her: Congratulations! You just tried to steal a $300,000 boat. You're going to jail!" and the Waukegan cops took her away.

Highest commendations to the Waukegan harbor maintenance crew ( they used the maintenance barge to get us off the pier and back into our slip) also the harbor crew who noticed her trying to get out of the harbor.
It seems that one of the harbor staff asked what the hell she was doing and she said that this was her husband's boat and his name was Mike. The harbor folks (who know us) knew that wasn't true and called me and the cops.

Truth be told, I think the woman is insane, but I rate today as a "10" on the wierdness scale; after all how could you fence a "one-off" boat?

At least it didn't become the worst day of your life.

Did she have lots of cats with her? She has got to be one of those cat ladies. Luckily she hadn't had the time yet to stow away a few litter boxes. You did check, didn't you?

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