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Originally Posted by Hartley18 View Post
Golly you HAVE been busy, TD!

Did you get out for a sail at all? I trust the political discussions weren't any hotter than the coffee??
Not much of a sail thats for sure. Blowing like stink and you know me, hard on the wind in 30 plus knots is not my way of doing things.

The coffee was utterly apalling. Why, I have no idea but for someone who likes to be a complete smartarse and snipe at other peoples coffee it was not a good look.

Political discussions were top notch as were the religious. You know I am going to try and get you up here to do the Heaven Can Wait don't you ? Well Bent is already signed on so it could be a fun 24 hours. and we need at least one crewmember who actually knows how to race.

You? The totally non-computer-nerd considering LINUX??

Visions of Wombats chasing Penguins... oh, deary deary me, this is going to get REALLY messy!!...

Ok, I checked and it isn't April Fool's day for a few months yet, so, assuming you're serious, the first step for you would be to get rid of Vista. Yep, you'll need to reformat the hard-drive.

Does the notebook have drivers for Win7? If so, install that. If not, take the plunge and install Ubuntu. Like Paul said.
The Penguin just flew clean over my head ? Ploise ixplain !

The machine is actually my mother's. When I bought it for her (actually my now late step dad) I fully expected it to simply sit and gather dust so I gave it a decent hard drive and a solid lump of memory in case it ended up back under my wing. Well he carked it and surprisingly she did use it somewhat, just not very much, so I'm thinking to make it our first boat puter and get her a new one preloaded with Windows 7. The hard drive is virtually empty except for umpteen gig of photos and music all of which I can dump onto her new machine. She gets back on line and I get a boat puter.

I like the sound of Linux simply because I am not a puter nerd. Sod Microsoft. How dare they sell a pile of crap and then make you pay to get into something that actually works. No wonder effing Gates is so wealthy. His customers paid for the development costs of all his dodgey operating systems while he gave absolutely zero customer service in return.

So, if I give Linux a shot I am not likely to do any great damage to anything and I might just end up with a nice stable platform that gives me eveything I need.

Oh yes, and no the thing does not have W7 drivers and part of the update BS is that it refuses to upgrade anything let alone drivers. If I went W7 I would still need to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch.

Bent .... you realise if I go ahead and do this your inbox could get quite a hiding. Thanks for the advice thus far and btw CrossOver thinks it will support MaxSea ( not CMap as I first said ). It has a try it for free version and the Pro version is well under USD100 so its not exactly an exhorbitant fee.

I think we might be giving it a shot, but first I'd better get mother dear a new machine.

Thanks all .... your advice is well received and I am most grateful to each and every one of you. You'll all get free signed copies when the book is published, The Fuzzy Guide to Linux.

Andrew B (Malö 39 Classic)

“Life is a trick, and you get one chance to learn it.”
― Terry Pratchett.
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