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I'm just in the very beginning stages of moving aboard. Will I like it? Well, can that really be answered until I DO it? My guess is that, based on other experiences and what I know about myself, I'd be VERY surprised if I didn't become a permanent liveaboard kinda guy.

I know all about (excuse the example) burning ships so you CANNOT GO BACK, and it has some merit - but I don't think I need to FORCE myself to make a life-altering decision like moving out of a house to a small boat. Keeping a 9X12 storage facility for stuff 200 yards from my slip/mooring for $110/month just seems wise to me. It's not so much about being able to GO BACK to being a landlubber - it's just the convenience of transitioning over 6-12 mos and getting rid of stuff on my terms. I may find that I want to keep the storage for some things, downsize to a smaller unit, or do away with it altogether. I"m living alone, so I don't have to worry about other people.

My five year plan (er - fantasy) is to learn to sail well, learn the boat systems and repair/maintenance, possibly move up to a more "blue water" boat, and if I haven't gotten rid of everything that won't fit on the boat by then, THAT will be when I do it. Over the next five years, I'll save $1,000 per month vs. living on land (which repair/upgrade/maintenance/toys will eat away at), learn what I need to feel confident/safe, and then do the ICW, over to the Bahamas and then probably start doing longer stuff (thorny path)???

OK, I'm probably leaving out stuff simply because I don't know about them YET. I have a huge learning curve, but 5 years behind the wheel, reading/learning/asking for help/winters READING and taking boating courses, etc. etc. From oil lamps to fixing the head to more "exotic" things like celestial navigation and GULP, coming into the mooring in a crowded harbor under sail???? We'll see. It's an adventure - but for the first few months or so, I will probably keep a tether to shore in the form of a convenient/relatively inexpensive storage unit! YMMV, but this is MY way of doing it!

Thanks for all the input - even if I read something I don't agree with, I try to question MY beliefs and learn from those who have a LOT more experience than I do. Open mind like parachute Grasshopper - work better when open! lol...
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