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Originally Posted by Chimbatete View Post
Hi Paulo,

Just went to my first boat show. Loved the SO409, what a boat!. It had a sail away price of $250k. I looked at the First 30 ($150k) and it was great boat as well. Only thing is it didnt have a backstay. There was also a Hanse dealer which had the 400 ($250k) on display and he was almost insinuating that it was a better boat than the 409He mentioned the chines of the 409 as silly since its not a planing boat.

Another question, why is the Opium 39 selling at $350k almost the same price as a 2010 Luffe 4004 with the carbon mast ($400k). Is the Opium that good?

How does it compare to the X's, Elans and Salona 38 for example? I'm talking about quality boat for boat not downwind vs. upwind.

BTW that Salona 38 looks awesome. Whats the price on that?

Hi Chimbatete,

It seems you do really like boats

Yes boat shows are great for the ones that love boats even when they don't have money to buy them right now. If you ever get the chance go to Dusseldorf, that's the Mecca of sailboats and also a nice place to have a look at central Europe.

So many questions. Yes the Opium is a Wauquiez and they were for many years the top range of the Benetau group, a kind of a Lexus to Nissan. Yes the Opium is a great boat and the quality is better than Benetau, Jeanneau, Hanse, Bavaria probably comparable to Dehler.

There is something wrong with your prices, a Carbon mast Luffe 4004 will cost more than what you say. Here you have an used one without carbon mast almost by that price:

For Sale. Luffe (DK) Luffe 40.04 TOP - Rostock Baltic Sea, Germany - 3126320

I believe the Jeanneau 409 is a better boat than the Hanse 400, not in quality (similar) but by design. I bet Hanse is going to substitute the 400 this year.

Regarding X yachts, Salona and Elan I would say that the X yachts by price and interior quality are competing with Luffe, Arcona, Finngulf not with Salona or Elan. However there are a lot of guys that had X yachts and are buying Salonas. They are less expensive have much improved the interior and share with X yachts (and Luffe) an interior steel frame to take the efforts from the keel and shrouds (now it seems that X yachts is using a carbon frame).

The Elan are great boats and the design is very good (350) are well built but for what I have saw in the new Salona 41 that I have charted, the Salona interior is now a bit better and I would prefer the safety of the Salona stainless steel frame. But Elan and Salona are really on the same market building boats that in my opinion are a bit better than mass production boats.

Another difference with Salona is that they allow a certain amount of boat customization and that is very rare in boats with this price and only possible because Salona is still a small company. Salonas will cost about the same as Elans, about 20% less than a Dehler and about 20% more than a First.

Final note: The First 30 is a great boat and it has no backstay because it is designed that way and don't need one. Some other performance boats like the Pogo don't also have them.



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