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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
Hi All,

I've never been good with double braid splicing, but I have identified where I run into my problem.

After pulling the core, tapering the cover, putting the cover inside the core, I run into problems putting the core back inside the cover. Specifically, I can't get the fid far enough past the point where the core originally comes out of the cover. It is just too tight. I've tried a bunch of things, but really have a tough time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Sure wish splicing DB was as easy as 3-strand.


Old line is tough to work with. I have done it but it's a pain as you've discovered. Start by ensuring your line is as clean as possible and dry. When the core is wet it swells a bit making things tighter. Next, before starting the splice, try to pull a couple of inches of the core out of the cover at the end of the line so that you can get a grip on the core and then "milk" the cover back as far as it will go. That will loosen the weave of the cover and allow the core to expand more easily when you're actually making the splice. Then pull the cover back in place and proceed with the splice in the usual fashion. While some guides tell you to make a knot in the line 5 or 10-fid lengths from the point of the splice, I have found (by trial and many errors) that going further up the line also helps with old line. One trick to getting the fid through the last part of the splice is to give it a spray with SailKote. Once that dries, the outside of the fid will be more slippery. Also, if you can't get it all the way through, punch the fid through to the surface of the line short and pull the fid and cover out there, work the line back and forth, spray the fid with Sailkote again and repenetrate the core at the short exit point and shove it through the remainder of the way. I've done it for myself and a few friends in our marina that can't (or won't) get the hang of it, but it is a pain in the neck and one can actually end up with blisters!

Good luck!

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