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Originally Posted by armandolio View Post
Any other thoughts on this issue?
I think they gave you about the best advice there is. However...

I'm not sure what spar is used on the Hunter, but I think it is a Selden. I'm not familiar with those as my Catalina uses a Charleston Spar.

Here are several suggestions.

1. Typically, there is a particular boom position that works best for furling and unfurling the sail. I believe your Hunter comes with a rigid vang. You may want to play a bit with it's position to find the best boom angle. If you are getting folds in the sail, it may be that your boom angle is too high. If too low, the main can be hard to unfurl.

2. Depending on which direction your main furls (on the Charleston's they furl counter clockwise looking from the top), you may have an easier time with the main slightly off center when furling. For example, with the Charleston, the main furls easiest with the boom slightly to port of center. If your main furls the other direction, then having the boom slightly to starboard may help.

3. Keep appropriate tension on the outhaul as you know. You have two winches on your coach roof. Typically, the outhaul and furling line are rigged on opposite sides. Take your outhaul line and throw one or two wraps on the winch on it's side while you are furling the main. The wraps will provide a bit of resistance to the sail as you are furling it. I will usually start with two wraps, then toss off one of them as the main is furled about half way. Alternatively, you can simply put one wrap on the winch and hold the tail loosely in your hand as you use both hands to pull on the furling line. Allow the outhaul to slide through your hand as you are hauling the furler.

You'll figure out a system that works for you use soon enough.



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