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Originally Posted by bjung View Post
Seems to me, Beneteau has specialized in building cheap boats for the charter trade, and the Bene O 41 is just that. The Ikea -like interior, lack of handholds, lack of opening portholes (only 3 small portholes and 1 hatch in the salon !!????) and the nav table as an afterthought ( who wants to go through the salon with dripping wet foulies to look at the chart?) clearly disqualify this boat as a proper yacht.
I don't care how good this deal is, I'd rather spend my pennies on a used older, real purposed sailing vessel, than a dock condo where the cabinetry will be adrift after a good beat.
But it all depends what one is looking for in a sailboat....
I can see some handholds but that is not the question. You repeatedly denigrate any boat that it is not designed with passage making in mind. That makes no sense. People that use sailboats primarily offshore are just a tiny minority, probably less than 1%.

Obviously the Benetau 41 is not designed with that objective even if the boat could be easily adapted for offshore work. The boat is designed aiming the vast majority of sailors that just want to have a short day-sailing in cruising grounds and stay lots of time on anchorages getting tanned. Nothing wrong with that. The only offshore most of these boats will make is the small day trip to get to the cruising grounds and you can bet they will sail it under a good weather report.

Saying that the boat is designed for charter is ignoring that even if charter market has importance in this kind of boats, the vast majority are sold to individual sailors. Besides I don't see what is the problem with designing a boat for charter: It has to be designed to resist all forms of abuse and the utilization that is given to the boat in charter is just the same utilization that is gonna be given by the kind of sailors that will buy Beneteau, that is the vast majority of sailors.

Certainly the Beneteau is cheap (like Bavarias and Jeanneaus). That's what gives the possibility to people to have a modern good performance sailboat. But Cheap foes not mean badly built. If they were badly built they would not dominate the market

I understand that you want for you a true passage maker. Not a problem with that if you are really going to use it that way otherwise it would be just a waste of money and you will end up with a boat much less adapted than the Benetau for coastal cruising.

By the way, I am curious why do you want a true passage maker? What are your experience? What is your sail program? Do you have a boat? Do you sail regularly?

Most people just don't know the limits of a boat like the Oceanis 41. They will take more hardship than 90% of the sailors can sustain, even if they were not designed as passage makers



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