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Originally Posted by KnottyGurl View Post
I am going to see a Samson 32 this week, I have done search's on it but info is limited, does anyone know the boat or sailed on one similar, looking for feedback on handling, seaworthiness/bluewaterness, and general info
thanks in advance
I have no experience sailing one of these but I dug out an old Samson Marine Design book I obtained when John Samson was building ferro boats in Richmond. The spec's on the C-Mist are;

LOA - 32'2"
LWL - 27'6"
Beam - 11'2"
Draft - 5'0"
Headroom - 6'0"
S/A - Gaff Cutter Rig - 561'
Marconi Cutter Rig - 608'
Disp - 19,300Lbs
The bowsprit is 12'3" long

I've seen a couple of these in the water and they are one of the better looking of Samsons boats. I'd be suspicious of the stated displacement - Samson didn't pay much attention to the weight of his boats. If it was built by someone else it COULD be near the stated weight but I'd get it weighed, at least by a travel lift. Personally I doubt it will sail even as well (poorly?) as a WetSnail.

Obviously all the Ferro boat caveats apply: get it cheap because it will never be worth much no matter how nice it is. If it's nice and you sail it to Europe to sell you'll probably make out better - Ferro boats seem to have a better rep there. Most, or at least more of them were pro built there, whereas here they were generally built by dreamers and hippies. Since you can't really survey the hull, the rest of the build quality will have to be your guide to how well it was built. If there is documentation or photographs of the build, be sure it was plastered in one continuous pour.

Considering the state of the boat market, I have to question why you would buy a ferro boat. Once upon a time they were incredibly cheap compared to glass boats but now people are GIVING AWAY fairly substantial glass boats and decent ones are going for what ferro boats used to go for. Even if the boat is a gift and in decent shape, I'd look further - I've seen Westsails in the $20K range ASKING PRICE and they will likely never go lower. Even a nice ferro boat can easily be a negative value where the cost of disposal exceeds any scrap value. Resale on them is very problematic - currently people can't even sell nice glass boats.

I am far less critical of ferro boats than most - I have known some very nice ones and I knew John Samson and Chris Deiner, his foreman but I strongly recommend you think very carefully about this purchase.

I, myself, personally intend to continue being outspoken and opinionated, intolerant of all fanatics, fools and ignoramuses, deeply suspicious of all those who have "found the answer" and on my bad days, downright rude.
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