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I think the general admonition not to jump from a moving boat is aimed at jumping off of a moving boat.

It's one thing to neatly STEP off the boat onto the dock as the boat is slowly sliding along side the dock at 0.3 kts and slowing, when there is 6" between the toerail and the dock.

It's another thing to try to clear the 4-foot gap to the dock while the boat is coasting in at 1.5 kts.

The latter can get you very wet, or worse, seriously injured and in the extreme, killed.

Rarely is a boat dead stopped in relation to the dock, when coming in for docking. It's always going to be moving even a teensy bit in one direction or another. It is, obviously, a judgement call.

The issue is the inexperienced, who have yet to develop that judgment, or who are not even aware of the potential issue, who think they need to be "helpful" and leap to the dock as soon as they perceive it to be within leaping distance. Then they find out their leaping abilities are not quite what they thought they were.

I tell the newbies on the boat to not do so and to wait until I tell them to step off.

- Bill T.
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