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Originally Posted by Captainmeme View Post
Ahhhh, the sweet song of the diesel.She started the first time I pushed the start button on the maybe the second rev. She was spitting black for about 30 seconds. Probably all that fogging oil I sprayed in. Throttle works, she idles around 1000 rpm, seems high, more quiet than I thought it would be, engine kill linkage works too. One huge check mark done on the book of things to do.

I have the fuel return line going to a can to catch all the old fuel. None came out, in fact no fuel came out. I thought about 10 % was injected while 90% was returned to the tank.

I also learned I don't like bleeding the fuel lines or changing the oil. I think mechanical devices to do this are in my future. An electrically operated oil pump to suck the oil out of the sump and an inline electric fuel pump to charge the lines.

Thanks to all who suggested the proper course of action.
Although it probably does not meet code, I installed a Moeller fuel bulb between my diesel tank and the Racor fuel filter, then next comes the yanmar fuel filter at the engine. I also installed a fuel bypass line (with ball valve that I can shut). Note: The bypass line runs to the engine fuel return line, which goes to the tank (this works well as you do not need to run an extra line to the tank or need a new fitting on the tank.). When I want to prime the system (after changing filters), I open the bypass valve and squeze the bulb. The entire line is now primed up to the yanmar fuel filter. Now close fuel bypas valve. Now losen prime screw at top of fuel filter and squeeze until no air comes out. Then, if you need to prime futher, losen fuel inlet line at the fuel injection pump and squeeze. Works for me great. You could substitute the primer bulb for an electric fuel pump, but I was concerned about breaking the yanmar lift pump diapham and causing fuel leak. Some also do away with the yanmar lift pump and go with an electric fuel pump at the tank, but what if there is a fuel leak in the line to the engine- now the bilge will fill with fuel. With the squeeze bulb, this cannot happen, as line is under a slight vacuum under normal operational conditions.

The plastic washer on the fuel filter bleed screw should be replaced say every few years as it does crack and will allow air into the system, and engine stalling.

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