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Originally Posted by Sailor77
I am all swept up with grandiose dreams of sailing my boat that I need a third party opinion.
I applaud your desire to reasearch.
Please keep in mind that the reality seldom mirrors the dream that inspired it.
I've lived in situations that, at the time, seemed perfectly acceptable if not comfortable. Some, maybe most of those situations would be very difficult for me to adapt to at this point in time.
Times change, body's change, culture changes. When I was a kid, you could just about anchor anywhere, tie your dingy up to the city wharf and get a job in the local economy. It's not so easy to do anymore.
When I was younger, I actually enjoyed waking up with frost on my mustache. Now, I think my joints would be so stiff, I would have trouble getting out of my mummy bag.
There was a time that a bucket was perfectly acceptable. And while I maybe could get used to that again, I think my wife would put her foot down there. (oh yeah, maritial status is another thing that changes)
Anyway, please don't think I am in anyway trying to discourage you or your dreams. Without those, life is a dreary undertaking at best. Rather, I encourage you to pursue them, but with the realization that a dream is usually an adventure also. Good luck.
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