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I think that the members of this forum might be able to give a more useful answer if you provided a little more info that filled in some missing pieces like:
Do you have a budget in mind?
How important is the boat's sailing ability?
Are you working? Are you working office jobs?
Do you have any physical limitations?
Are you expeienced sailor or are you looking at this boat as a platform to learn to sail?
Do you have particular a size boat in mind?

Frankly, there are a lot of good liveaboards out there. If sailing ability isn't important than you should be able to buy a live aboard pretty cheaply. Needless to say, draft is a major restriction on the west coast of Florida.

I would also suggest that a good liveaboard should be comfortable, it is your home. You should be able to move around easily. Have lots of storage, and work areas that accommodate the functions of your daily life. In a lot of ways its should be as large as you can afford and can sail easily.

When you live aboard too small a boat, you never go sailing because you need to stow way too much stuff that has a place to live on a bigger boat.

With all due respect to my well meaning colleague, whether a boat is an acceptable circumnavigator bears little or no relation to whether is is a good choice for a liveaboard. And the fact that James Baldwin took a Triton apart and put one back together so that he was able to get the old girl around the world has little bearing on the suitablity of the average Triton for any purpose. Beyond all that, in many ways, a boat that is ideal as a circumnavigator is the antithesis of a good liveaboard, but that is another topic all together.

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