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Hmm I'm pondering my choices. I have a blue sea charging relay waiting to be installed and want to simplify. I currently have two group 27 house batteries and a standard car starting battery. With my small 1GM10 and nothing to run off the batteries except lights and the depth finder I'd like to simplify and cut down weight and complexity if possible.

Given my light load what do you think about this option?

House: Group 27 wet deep cycle
Starter: Group 24 dual purpose

The dual purpose would only be the backup starting battery/backup house battery if the house failed. The group 27 house would be expected to do all the work normally (I assume a good group 27 house can start my 1GM10). Or should I stay away from dual purpose batteries all together?

Edit: Also, thoughts on an even smaller backup/starting battery? Perhaps jetski/tractor size?

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