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Originally Posted by denverd0n View Post
Actually, he didn't use any ad hominems at all. He called out one individual for posting misinformation, but he never called that individual any names.

On the other hand, the individual he called out was simply expressing his opinion--exactly the same thing that Oregonian was doing. The fact that you don't agree with someone else's opinion is hardly a good reason to ask for them to be "policed."

So, maybe we should all get back to discussing the Westsail 32, rather than discussing other posters.

And in that vain... Yes, lots of people are critical of the Westsail 32, usually accusing it of being unreasonably slow, sometimes discussing the wet cockpit. There are things that can be done to fix the wet cockpit--building coamings, for example. I've seen boats modified that way, but not very many. Most Westsail owners seem to complain about the wet ride, but choose not to do anything about it. One has to wonder why.

As for the speed of the boat, let's face it, it is slower than pretty much all of the modern coastal cruisers and racer/cruisers with fin keels and flat bottoms. But then it is NOT a fin-keel boat with a flat bottom! If you buy a Westsail thinking that you are getting a modern racer/cruiser... Well, I'm sorry but it is YOUR OWN FAULT that it is not as fast as you expected it to be.

If, on the other hand, you buy it thinking that you are getting a full-keel boat that might not be the fastest in the anchorage, but has a kindly sea motion and is capable of comfortably taking you around the world... Congratulations! You got exactly what you expected.
Personally, I dont think its a wet boat. If you have too much sail up and the rail is in the water it does get wet, but what boat wouldn't.... I don't consider it a big enough problem to install coamings.
Have you had much time on a W32?
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