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You are so thoughtful. BTW, as I recall, you are happily married, right? You don't mind if I have a little chat with her, now do you??? HAHA. We will get you straightened out really quick.

Anyone who does not know who the real boss on the boat is, can be categorized as the following: (1) Not Married, (2) Divorced, (3) On the road to Divorce. My wife always tells me that it is her job to make me THINK I am the boss. She also says I should not complicate my intellect with reality... whatever that means. Ignorance is Bliss.

Now, back to my thread... and not to turn a thread I meant to be lighthearted into something else... but...

I have been around a while and I understand the reasons and justifications behind the liferafts et all. I bought them all for God's sakes, but:

How do YOU really know the liferaft will pop at 15 feet? How do YOU really know your VHF works after being submerged? Have you tried it? How do YOU really know your new Corvette goes 203 MPH??

Answer: You probably do not. We trust in what we read or what we hear. In the pharmaceutical indutry, for example, when a company is making a batch, they are constantly pulling lots and submitting them to QC & QA. These are reviewed internally and watched over by the FDA. There is very little room/no room for human error.

Where is the oversight in the marine industry? A one year warranty on a new boat is a joke. You cannot even get all of the bugs out of it in a year. And forget about a lemon law. That one went down in a thud. What about lifesaving gear? Who watches them? Marine Mfg Assoc? Yeah, right. A loose association of basic standards at best. Where is the accountability that your products will do what they say they will do... and continue to do it.

Maybe the answer is right here in this thread: Word of mouth. But that in itself is biased and unscientific.

So, ask yourself this question: How much money have you spent on your boat? How much of that gear are you confident that it truly does and will do what it says it will do? Now, pack yourself and your family up and head offshore. Right there, in the back of your mind... you feel it? That is that lingering doubt: Does it all really work? We sure do put a lot of risk behind things that have little or no oversight.
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