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This whole site is a great resource for newbies like me and this tread is a really good topic for discussion.

My wife and I are in our first season as sailors and as boat owners ('88 O'day 322). We pretty much try to sail as much as we can but use the motor when we have too which is a fair bit. I suspect at this point my ratio is close to 50/50 distance wise at least, but from a time perspective, we spent a lot more time this summer broasting in the sun while trying to figure out how to make the boat go, sometimes making little headway in the afore mentioned light air days, than we did motoring. That said, when it got too hot we weren't too proud to resort to the "iron genny".

Most of this summer, we focused on getting comfortable getting the boat from the marina to the bay and back, learning how to make the thing go, building on the experience of our ASA101 class. During this time, I watched a lot of boats pass us under sail alone, and a lot more motoring, as we learned how this sailing thing worked. Interestingly, we have a much easier time making the boat go upwind than making it go downwind.

Anyway, we are learning a lot and having fun, but I have to say the most fun We've had so far was a couple of weeks back, when with good wind, we caught up to, and passed another similar sized Hunter under sail, then stayed ahead of him through several tacks. When we realized the guy was more or less following in our wake, my wife and I laughed wondering what the guy on the other boat would think if he knew the crew of the boat that overtook him were a couple of neophytes. It almost made up for the sting of all those boats that passed us this summer. We have an instructor lined up for later this month to get some training on our boat, so look out on the Bay!!!

We're really looking forward to learning to get the most performance possible out of our wing keeled, baggy sailed ole girl, getting a few maintenence chores taken care of over the winter and really starting to explore the Chesepeake next year and hopefully holding our own agaist other boats on the Bay!

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