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I’ve been asked that before, why we put bottom paint on here, and I really don’t have a good answer.

If you look around the marina in the spring, at the bee hive of activity going on, you’ll see the vast majority of sailboat owners out there putting on a fresh coat of bottom paint, while the majority of power boat owners are just waxing their hulls.

Being relatively new to the game, I figured these other sailboat owners knew something I didn’t. Few, if any, will make the trek up the St. Laurence to salt water in a given year. I’d say less than 10% of the sailboats in the marina race, so it’s not like they are all looking for an extra edge. So why do they apply anti-fouling paint?

We do get a good layer of scum built up at the water line, zebra mussels too, if you aren’t careful. Last year at haul out there was a fine layer of algae covering the bottom, I attributed this to improper care by the PO, which is why we made sure to do a good job before launching last spring. Was it enough to hinder performance? Couldn’t tell ya, but I am anxious to see what it looks like when we haul out this year.

I’ll do some research and see if I can find a legitimate reason for applying bottom paint here on the lakes.

Regardless of what we do, that bottom will look good before we go back in next spring. It just won’t do to show the whole world a trashy bottom on that upwind beat.

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