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This is why kids need to be taught science, even quantun science, when they are young.

Your feet are composed of mainly empty space between the atoms. The floor is composed similarly of mainly empty space between the atoms. Yet somehow, when you get out of bed in the morning and put your feet on the floor, you usually stand up on the floor, and very rarely sink into those empty spaces and ozze down into the floor.

The atttractions, the repulses, the forces, all count for more than the illusion of a solid floor and solid feet. You've got a solid boat, bouyancy, lots of water....shouldn't be an issue.

When I started sailing my mother asked me how could I go to sleep in such a little boat in the middle of the ocean. I said it is easier than sleeping at home.

At home, there are garbage trucks, aircraft overhead, car horns, noisy neighbors, kitchen fires, the rare shooting, and I've got to ignore all that as well as wrong numbers on the phone and doorbell and doors slamming down the hall.

On the boat? If it is floating, no probelm. If it is leaking, simple choice of can I stop the leak of can't I? If I can stop the leak, I go back to sleep. If I can't stop the leak, simple choice again, do I abandon ship or not?

Everything is so much simpler on a boat. So much LESS to worry about.

Sure, I might drown. As least there's no next door neighbor starting a kitchen fire, overruning their bathtub, or playing Black Sabbath at 2AM.
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