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I hope you're right, if it is more expensive to build I have an extra good reason for the price of this boat .

May be there are a few more drawbacks.
Since there is no sufficient room left below the boom to fit a traditional downhaul, until a close reach the shape of the mainsail can only be controlled by a powerful traveller. Bearing down further, we will need to fit the downhaul between the boom and the toerail, that will need adjustment together with the sheet and to be moved to the other side with every gibe. A quite racy and not very practical arrangement, but that will also serve as an efficient gibe preventer. This is demonstrated at the end of the video presentation of Voiles & Voiliers Voiles et Voiliers : Chantier - Grand Pavois : présentation du Pogo 12,50.

Additionally, although the boom rises backwards, it still comes somewhat lower over the cockpit, with less headroom than most cruisers probably would like. On the other hand, this also lowers the sailplan which is good for performance.

Once again, it's all about making well informed choices and what we consider being an advantage may be inacceptable for many others...

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