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Someone asked me why I spent so much time sailing in So. America. .and Central America…it’s the women the most beautiful in the world. They all remind me of J. Lo’s….“if you like that type” and they are ALL available…Not pros.. semi pros regular sexy gals… great looking uninhibited women who like Gringos because we have a few bucks…I play Richard Gere to them sometimes, you know in Pretty Woman, it’s a real turn on for this bachelor.. and many more beautiful than .”what’s her name” (LOL)
I really learned to fight with some guy on the streets of Colon putting a gun to my head.. he got a left to the face that put him out cold. .and I ran.. 2 guys 5 ft away trying to hold me up, one guy with a knife. .I bent down picked up a rock and threw it in his eye probably 60 miles an hour.. leaving the other guy playing with himself as I ran.. You don’t want the cops.. you run they handle the scum.. Why so tuff.. It’s you or them.. My dingy stolen.. Cruising friends killed at anchor in Venezuela.. I’ ve been pick pocketed twice.. It’s not anger.. I was anchored at La Plyatta next to ING.. you know the Danish boat the Somali’s hi jacked.. nice peaceful lively family.. You realize they don’t have any right to do that. And deep down you know with all the BS in sailing you are far tougher then they are. You give some people opportunity they will steal you blind.. But it makes you very compassionate too, all my charity is on the streets. nothing compared with putting up with bad weather at sea.. If you are alive no=one hurt.. still have a smile regardless of what broke. .smell awful.. it’s a good sail Sailing has it all if you have a lust for life…and that really is what it‘s all about.. The Cuban Govt tried to kill me.. For fraternazation with the people.. Don’t have to read Ludlum novels to know you are being tailed.. First at Marina Hemingway.. they turned off the water.. then next day the electricity. warn me...All being superfluously solicitous. A young lady thinking I was a doctor for handing out bottles of aspirin to the poor from the Key West dollar store... A year later checking and cleaning my shotgun.. they jammed the limit plug down the barrel. But I had a great week there.. They didn’t like I wasn’t spending hard currency in the Casinos. and the rest of the tourist BS..I was one of few American vessels ever there in “06 or ‘07 or when ever it was….Isla Fuerte Columbia.. I was told if I stay a third day at anchor I‘d probably get a bullet in my head... You got your $2.00 lobsters now move on.. and I could go on and on.. The point is I’m a good guy and looking for a sidekick, a good sailor to watch my back.. knows what I’m talking about and have fun because he too likes to sail and has that lust for life as I do…I don’t smoke, don’t drink no booze on boat.. in town do your thing.. Now killing time sailing to Taboga across the Canal approach generally with a lady friend sometimes two, hiking and exploring the jungle . Anchored in Panama Bay with 50 other boats all waiting to head West when the Dry season sets in and the wind shifts. That’s what my cruising is all about. I have every nautical chart in the world on 2GB’s and the weather big picture Grib Files.. Nothing with me anymore is theoretical.
So if you want to take a wise guy shot at that or fantasize be my guest.. By the way never mentioned I’m a graduate Naval Architect 8 years at Westlawn ..My last design exam took 2 intensive years.. Design office in Florida 6 years. nd a Veteran. My license 2nd mate unlimited 1600 ton Captain and sailing Master. My last Design the Panamanian One Design. This will be my last time on Sail net… you got it all…l can’t stand you no nothing inexperienced young egotists. I tried to be civil.. and like Nicole Kidman said in Dogville ..They are good people but not good enough…I’m going sailing. You have my E mail
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