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I'd MUCH rather put up with insulation and condensation than with driving in snow!!!

Water: most marinas turn off the dock water in winter. Get together with the other liveaboards, daisy-chain your hoses together, and fill all your tanks once a month or so from the bathhouse. See what others in your marina do, there are many variations on this theme.

Heat: You may tarp over your boat. If you use clear plastic dropcloth material (Home Depot) you may get some solar gain advantages too. This year we built a cockpit enclosure and on sunny days you can sit in it in t-shirt (tho we're a bit farther south than you.) If you have heat pump air conditioning/heating system, you cannot use this on the 'heat' cycle below about 40 degrees water temp or you will freeze and crack your unit. A couple of electric space heaters do the job for us. Look for the oil-filled ones that look like old fashioned radiators. If possible, run them thru an extension cord direct to you power post rather than running the electricity thru your boats wiring (greater chance of popping circuit breakers, etc)

Sanitation: pumpout facilities are closed in winter (and how are you going to get your boat there thru the ice anyway?) There are services that bring the pumpout to you for the low low (???) price of $35-$40/pump. Or use the marina bathhouse plus a jug onboard, or a porta-pottie. Being frugal, we opt for the 'bag-and-bucket' method.

Not sure what the word count limit is, continued in next post. . .
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