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Part 2 of 2

Oil pump: Check for free-float and play as specified in the manual – replace rotors if necessary Oil Filter: Replace

Cooling water pump: Buy overhaul kit and fit, replace impeller

Fine fuel filter: Replace

Challenges you will face:
Getting the flywheel centre-nut undone – it’s done up to around 500 Ft Lbs force. It’s a right-hand thread, so comes undone anticlockwise, but I had to use an angle grinder to take a flat off mine, and than hit it hard with a club hammer and cold chisel to get it to move. Even then I had to get some help pulling the flywheel off.

Removing the centre mainbearing bearer retaining bolt – the central main bearing sits in a circular cage which is located in the main block casting by an allen-headed grub screw between the two inspection hatches. If it’s giving even the remotest amount of trouble, lie the block on its side, build a plasticine wall around the outside of the screw-hole and fill it with diesel fuel. Let it soak like this for a few days while you clean up other bits. I had to drill mine out oversize, re-tap it, and create a new grub screw – not fun. The existing part is obsolete – don’t break it!! If you are still having trouble getting the thing out, consider cleaning it vigorously with a wire brush attached to an angle grinder, and welding a piece of steel rod into the hexagonal hole. This should break any remaining rust seal, and with a nut welded to the top of the piece of rod, enable you to get a socket-set onto the job. When you put it back in, use lots of loctite on the threads – it stops the water getting in besides stopping it vibrating undone (the forward inspection hatch actually partially covers this grub screw when installed, so it will never fall out anyway.

One last piece of advice: please don’t ever, ever, ever use “easy-outs” on this bolt. Unless you are very, very careful, they are all too easy to shatter, and when they do, you are left with no option but to drill the thing out. That’s what had happened to my engine the last time someone tried to “rebuild” it and it took me close to eight hours to drill the thing out, freehand. I also broke a drill bit in the process.

If you’d like the detailed costing spreadsheet I used, I’m happy to send it over, just let me know.


Blue Eagle

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