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Dbltime, if you didn't sell it within 90 days, yes, you're fired. I'll try to be constructively cruel and pick out possible negatives from your post and the Yworld page, but I've never been on a NY Schock 36 so I can't comment on the boat firsthand.

"Full disclosure: I am a yacht broker in Annapolis. Don't hold that against me ;-) as this is my personal boat for the last 6 years.

"absolutely trashed NY 36 with a new rig"
OK, to me this is a problem. A boat that was beaten to death and has been redone in all areas. I have to ask, "best yard" or not, does "reborn" really get credit for anything north of the Bible Belt?

"re-core the decks" One of the most serious possible jobs. Maybe done right, but then again, that also means the PO let it get that bad to begin with, so I have to ask if the PO maintained anything on it.

A new mast? WTF happened to the boat pops into mind. It really sounds like more trouble than someone might want to get involved with, maybe you could put in some chat that puts it all into context, like "Godzilla didn't stomp on it, we just wanted to...": whatever it was? And with that new mast and fin and all, are they exactly to class spec, or is this a boat that needs all custom measuring and rating now?

AND a new boom? I take it back, how many times DID Godzilla step on the boat?

>all new harken hardware< good thing

>6 new Quantim laminated sails<
Not for cruisers, that audience may walk out. Racers? Are going to want specific boats.
I'd expect that five year old laminated racing sails, RACED, would be delaminating now and needing replacement. A laminated sail, once it starts to go, makes an ugly sight.

>new foil< Foil as in rudder, or keel? Don't tell me, the old one got broken off? Another concern for a buyer, just what got broke so badly, or why was it replaced? Big $$ issue.

>all new running rigging and hardware< Good

>new fuel tank< Good--except vs YWorld, you've got a tiny tank on there, adequate for daysailing and local cruising but probably inadequate for distance racing (requiring 48 hours of fuel?) and too little for cruisers.

>all new hoses, head, hot water, shower<>re-wired, new panels< Good points

>bottom faired and VC-19< You'd think that was good--but it also means the new buyer can't see what shape the bottom is in. With all the other problems, does the hull have pox? Did it? There's just no way to know now that it has been redone.

>All new: AIS 2X Garmin 8" plotters, A/P, VHF, stereo, wind instruments<
Mixed blessing. Nice that they are new, but I think a lot of buyers would rather pay for NEW instruments of their own choosing--not what you chose "last" year. They're worth something, for sure, but not what they cost you, because of this.

>Awlgripped the hull and decks (hull is red)<
So the hull needed repainting. Not everyone wants red. In the south they want white so the hull is cooler. Red is also the most problem with fading in sunlight. And once a boat has been awlgripped, s the folks at awl say it needs to be recoated every ten years for the rest of its life. I'd rather see an old white gelcoat that just needed some TLC, not a paint job.

>new dodger (companionway, interior cushions, cockpit cushionns< Again, mixed blessing. They're to your taste, but does someone else want to buy "your" new rather than put in their own new? Or do they want to have a dodger at all? I love getting shelter from the sun and rain, but prefer "less stuff" and my own hood/hat, not a dodger at all.

>holding tank....< There again, from YWorld, some folks might say that's a wee one, that the boat lacks serious tankage for cruising. Good choices for 3-day races, but rip-em-out-replace for a lot of folks thinking cruising, or no local pumpout and fuel, etc.

>new Racor, strainers, batteries...Motor is original and healthy. < Great.

> The sails and electronics are worth the price.< Or they're worth zero unless they are what the next buyer wants. So the question is...what buyer wants the boat you've made her into? Someone who is racing in...which fleet again? Is the boat competitive in that fleet? If not, problem. My impression from a little web peeking is that the Schock36 was an early IOR design, not competitive with later designs for racing, and requires all her crew as live ballast. The keel ballast seems light. That could eliminate the racing buyers completely.

Also from YWorld, 6'4" draft counts as deep draft. In LIS that would be perfect, but in the Ches and looking south the Florida waters? Nope, hopelessly wrong keel. You're got to market north of you, which again says "is that boat attractive to racers in the Northeast?" Are there any of them placing well in the fleets, above?

When you mention the sails are easily she considered undercanvassed for the light airs in LIS and points north?

Running backstays: Discourage cruisers. Is that new rig strong enough so they could be taken off and left off? Is the standing rigging all new? (Which would be a good thing.) Chainplates?

Photo of head, showing bare fiberglass overhead: Discourage cruisers. The interior layout is practical for a stripped out racer--but you've got no interior for the casual cruiser, or family looking for two cabins to split the kids or neighbors. Market for ex-racers that are not still hot racers? Problematic. Big bridge deck, again odd.

And then there's the TILLER on a 36' boat. One more turn-off for the cruisers, you're back to the racing market, which I'd expect to be a much more limited market these days--especially if there's no one clamoring for this particular hull.

So aside from the question of why literally everything major has been redone, I see a limited market for an ex-racer. Which could still make her a bargain for someone, if they're willing to look at all the work that has been done, if the work was all done nicely, and if they're willing to...I don't know, replace all the tankage and install an interior to convert her over to a fast cruiser, perhaps?

Considering the number of popular boats in the same size and price range, without questions of tankage, interior, exotic sails, major replacements....I think you've got a lot of folks who would rather not get involved with uncertainties, who would rather buy a well-known cruiser with a constant resale market (Beneteau, Sabre, C&C, Morgan) instead of a bit of a unique one.

"Should I fire myself?" Only if it has been unsold after 90 days. However, if you've ever played golf you may be allowed one and only one Mulligan on this boat sale. 90 more days. Put something in the add about these hulls, or how they stand in racing today, and especially roll up all the replacements and why that was all done. Salvaged a neglected beauty? Starred in a Godzilla movie? There's gotta be some story behind this, and story sells.

She's a pretty thing, but like Dr. Who's companions, not a very conventional one.

Maybe the target buyer would be someone who is new to racing, can't afford something modern and competitive, but wants a "training boat" that they can use to get into racing, get up to speed, and then move on from?

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