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Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
J, I have been lectured by so many dogs "HEY YOU KNOW FOR THE SMARTER SPECIES YOU'RE BEING REALLY DENSE HERE DON'T YOU GET IT?!" that I can very much appreciate the joy when a dog finally says "SO THAT'S WHAT YOU WANTEd? YOU COULD HAVE JUST ASKED YOU KNOW"

And I find that liver treats (uhgh, I hate them) or the jerky-wrapped yam strips (never seen a dog turn one down) make a good way to let the dog know THAT'S RIGHT! and whatever the dog just did, for those treats they learn real fast to do it again as soon as they can.

Very good dog animal and child (ahem) training book by a pro trainer, inexpensive used, called something like "Don't Shoot The Dog..." that goes into positive reinforcement and really simplifies a lot of training things. Copiuous praise & treat really reinforces that good behavior and wires it in fast.
Yeah, this was definitely a "So that's what you wanted?" moment. At least I hope so! She got treats (not liver treats, but hopefully good enough), and tons of praise. My guess is that she still might resist the PupHead, but if she knows she can go there, then she will when she really must. And hopefully we can use that to get her to use it more regularly. For now, I'll take this one success and be happy about it.
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