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Originally Posted by orthomartin View Post
First let me say I have NO affiliation with any company. Second, for some reason some people get emotional about their anchors and this post is not inteded to start another anchor debate, but rather share data I have collected.

Now in our 4th year of full time cruising, and I mean "cruising" cruising, not one passage to GeorgeTown and lift anchor at the end of the season kind of thing, we have spent 2.5 years in the Med., and 1 year in Caribbean including time in Bahamas. These areas provide very clear water so normally after setting anchor I snorkel and check the set. When in the crowded Adriatic (croatia) I started checking surrounding boat anchors to see whom was going to drag on us in the night I started collecting data on what anchors, how long the drag before set, and how often it was what I called "set". For me that was about 3/4 of the surface area buried. So...

180 CQR, 128 Delta, 92 Bruce, 64 Rocna, 60 Spade, 51 Mason Supreme
Non plow were excuded and numbers under 50 total excluded.

CQR: Ave drag 42', set 10% (19 of the 180. Almost all on their sides)
Delta drag 21", set 21% (101/128)
Bruce drag 22' set 22% (82/92)
Rocna drag 8' set 92% (59/64)
Spade drag 6' set 98% (59/60)
Mason drag 8' set 96% (49/51)

Bottom types; 72% sand, 24% mud, 4% mix Note, no very soft mud included as water was not that clear in those situations.

I know I know there are many variables to setting anchor but this is random observation of the mix so the good and bad techniques should average out.

For the record, after the first year I gave my CQR away and bought a Spade but to each his own. I hope this info is helpful. It was fun collecting!

This must have taken a significant effort. My initial reaction is you need to get a life.
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