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Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
What is this "optimum heel angle" stuff? Most designers will tell you its zero degrees. In any boat in order to get max performance you try and sail the boat upright.
I don't know how you say this. For skiffs and many dinghies, of course what you say is true, but I wasn't referring to them.

I am positive that you of all people know that a keelboat (unless crew weight is a large percentage of total weight) will in fact heel when there's much breeze, that for best speed one doesn't trim and adjust amount of sail carried to maintain overly-low let alone flat heel but rather best speed will be with some significant heel, that the boat can be designed to offer reduced wetted area when heeled and usually is designed to do this, that when shaping the hull for best speed while actually sailing this surely would have to be with heel taken into account, etc.

If you want I could find a specific boat for which a specific value has been given. But I am guessing that most likely it is now clear what I was meaning so there may be no need for a particular example (I'd really guess not as you have vast experience of course.)

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