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My boat is similar in size and look to yours, but an older Jeanneau Arcadia.
If the hull etc is equal, You will want a GOOD main, 155, 110-120, and an 80-85% HS head sails depending upon the winds you are in. I find the 155 is good to around 15 knots true depending upon the temps and wind strength, 110 is good from 15 up to around 30 with a double reef, from that point up, the 110 by itself or why I wish I had a 3/4 hoist sail with about a 100% LP. That would get me to about 40 mph, then I could switch over to a storm jib.

I went with a UK tape drive main, I like it, not issues with the local UK group. There are some just as good, better priced main sail options for how I use the boat, IE Ullmans CAL main, or they and others also have some GPS or pentex tri radial mains that would work as well too for about 1/3 the cost. A dacron main will run about 1500-2000, A string ala 3dl, tape drive 3500-4000, pentex in the mid 2000 range.

My 155 is an ullman fiberpath. I should have only had one side coated with the taffeta protective layer. That makes it a bit too heavy in 5-8 knot winds. Otherwise I do like the sail.
The 110 is a north norlam. Not sure I would recomend a norlam, as it is pretty shot after 5 yrs, I ave been hearing a lot of folks saying they do not last near as long as North says you will get! For the price or a shade more, I could have gotten a pentex or equal. with better life compared to those I know with pentex/gp or equal sails.
I also have a CAL 140 I use for cruising. I should have gone to a 130-135, as I have a babystay to haul this around, the smaller sail would be nicer for two people, as now I really need a person upfront to bring the sail around the stay.
I have a 130 30z spin nylon drifter for the under 5 knot days. Ullman made this one too.
I have an asymetric that is about 90% of full size. Happy with my purchase, it is also getting a bit used after 5 yrs. Next around will be a full code 5 per phrf specs. I bought that sail purposely small, as I had not used a spin before. figured if I started racing I would then get a full size symetric, as around here on Puget sound those usually make a better spin to deal with than an AS.

I think you will find most of the sail lofts are pretty good to work with, at least local in Seattle, this is the case.


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