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Originally Posted by SailingWebGuy View Post
There were actually two layers of plywood separated by REALLY hard grey material. It's harder than concrete although it looks a lot like it. I tried a ton of different tools to remove the grey stuff. Nothing worked well. I ended up having to beat it out with a hammer and wood chisel...took forever. There was another layer of the grey material below the second layer of plywood. Then finally fiberglass and lead below that. In all, I ended up cutting out about 4 to five inches of keel stub.
I`d bet that hard grey stuff was asbestos & resin. It was a very popular filler back then. Diamond hard after curing if it was mixed thick.

Originally Posted by SailingWebGuy View Post
FYI - The lag bolts were extremely difficult to install in the 27/64" hole. My pneumatic impact gun couldn't drive them down. I had to bore out the holes a tiny bit. Still couldn't get them in all the way. I finally borrowed a massive Dewalt impact gun and it even struggled with one of the lag bolts.
When doing a job like this I always use a machinists caliper to check the minor diameter of the thread I am drilling for. Galvanizing has big variations in thickness and I drill for what I actually have in my hand. For example, Catalina might have come up with their recommendation by using electro-galvanized bolts which have a thin, almost shiny coating but if you were to use hot dipped, they would have the usual thick, somewhat coarse finish and would far prefer a slightly bigger hole.

Considering what materials you are working with, I`d be reluctant to use anything other than a long breaker bar to turn the socket. You SHOULD be able to run them in by hand. Using a 500 Ft. Lb. impact gun seems to me to be asking for something to strip or shear off. You ain`t bolting a bridge together.

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