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More about my dream and where I'm coming from

My parents had big dreams. They were ended when my dad fell, broke his neck, and became a quadraplegic at age 50. I guess that informed my world view.

I generally set a goal and a time frame and go for it. Once I've achieved it, I set another goal. Most of my long term goals have been career related. I achieved them all. I'm driven like that. I recently returned to school to get my masters. I enjoyed it, learned a lot. Of course, the older I get the more I realize how much I don't know. Then again, life's like that. I prefer it that way.

Living on a boat has always been in the back of my mind. Or perhaps, not always... it began germinating in the mid-80s when I came very close to purchasing a liveaboard just outside of Chelsea, MA. Someone beat me to it by literally a few minutes by offering the seller cash. Looking back, I suspect I would have failed miserably, as I did not research, did not plan, was just gonna do it.

Reality has pretty much kept that particular dream at bay, I had kids to send to college, bills to pay, jet setting to do, goals to meet... and *tons* of stuff. The latter was the deal breaker for me. My *stuff* came in the form of books. I read a lot. And even though I had begun to downsize, I still lugged my books everywhere I went. That barrier has since been removed. Thanks to the kindle.

A lot has changed since then. My kids are grown w/families of their own and I've downsized considerably in preparation for a mobile life. I assume I will have to downsize further to live on a boat.

Since I do not know for certain that I'll really like "living the dream" or rather, what I perceive that dream to be, I plan to store enuf stuff (i.e., bed, dresser, that sort of thing) to revert to land dwelling if necessary. Call me chicken but hey. What can I say? I'm too old and pragmatic to not have a little bit of a safety net. In the meantime, I'm doing a lot of reading, visiting marinas, talking with various liveaboards, etc.

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