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Sometimes I think about living permanently in a boat but that does not survive winter. I live in a place were the sea is rough and the waves are big. In any big storm, that happens regularly in the winter, when the trees of my small garden are being blown away from the ground and the seas are all white, I think to myself: My God, how terrible should be to be on a boat right now.

The local port has big walls and sometimes they have to take all boats out of the marina when big 10m waves just pass over it causing huge turbulence and wash.

Perhaps if I lived on a sheltered place I would look at it differently but things are what they are and now the extension of my dreams in what regards living in a boat concerns only summer time, with occasional staying periods when the weather is fine, in the fall and spring. Or maybe I am too lazy, but I just like quiet winter nights by the fire listening music in a good hi-fi system.

Of course, I admire the guys that live in a boat all year, not for need but because the like it, but that is just not for me, unless I had too.

By the way, when I was 30 I was looking for an old big wooden sailboat to live in it. I had not enough money so I end up with a 25ft wooden old boat to cruise and live on the summer. Now that I know better, if I had found that boat, it would be a huge mistake. I would never manage the money to put it in a seaworthy condition and probably would have to live not were I wanted to live but on the few godforsaken places were I could have that boat without paying much for it, ugly places and I would be a slave, always working on its maintenance.

My life would probably have turned in a nightmare, I would not have the possibility to chose my pass on life and I would have the life determined by the needs of that boat that I am sure, I would love to the point of the unreasonable, as we do with our boats.



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