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Yes, I have reached that point in my research. For me, it will be finding the right mix of the two.

Then again...

Late last night one of my neighbors comes knocking. Says he found me a boat. We'll be checking it out tonight, but here's what I know, so far.

It's a columbia 32/34 racer. He said something about how it's not really a 32 *or* a 34, and how during the last year of manufacture, they cut the boat down the middle and added some length. I have absolutely no idea what that means.

It's going for cheap as in a song and a dance cheap. As in, red flags waving all over, cheap. The big however is... the gentleman who owns it is in the hospital, dying, and needs to get rid of it but wants to give it to someone who would care for it... someone who would love it. Which makes it less red flaggy-ish, imo.

My neighbor said he'd take it but the ceiling is too low. He says I won't have any head room probs. I asked him a few things about the boat. For example, since it's a racer, I'm thinking it's gonna have a more narrow beam. He says the beam is about 10' but wasn't sure what the draft is. I'll be researching that bit today. He doesn't know what it's equipped with, from the living angle, though, he seems to think it has a head, at the very least. He also doesn't know if it comes with the slip but said he would be more than happy to sail it over to the slip that I already have earmarked.

All in all, I guess I will find out the important stuff tonight.

Anyway... if anyone has any experience/knowledge of this model, please, please, feel free to share. I'm especially looking for the cons. Why I would not want it, etcetera. Try to talk me out of it bc those arguments are what I'll be considering when I'm looking at the thing.
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