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Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Crisis or no crisis if we look to today's production from the past, I mean let's say 50 years ago, in what regards living amenities, today's boats are luxury boats, even the most humble Beneteaus and Bavarias.

When I started cruising I had a 25ft 80 years old traditional boat wooden boat with a deck but a bare interior, with siting height and we cruise (me and my wife) and live in the boat for 2 months each year and we did not cruise for more time because we had to work. The boat had no radio, no electronics, just a compass and luxury for us were small battery operated removable navigation lights that permits us to navigate at night. And even if we take shelter on protected or semi protected waters for most of the cruising we crossed each year hundreds of open ocean waters, many times with land out of sight.

At that time if he got the hands in a boat like the Fareast 26 I would fell that I could circumnavigate in it. Times changed but what really changed, in what regards boats and living conditions, is our mentality and the good things in life we are not willing to pass without, like a freezer or enough electricity to have light at night or running electronics.

Many years ago passed by my port a Scottish guy that was living his dream. A damn good sailor and a professional sailing teacher. He was circumnavigating in a small boat, a beautiful boat (28ft?): No engine, no freezer, no electronics. He did it successively and he looked very pleased with his boat and with his good luck that had permitted him to live his dream.

Bottom line, the Fareast 26 looks not only very fast but also seaworthy to me. The designer says that it is a medium displacement boat and even if the Ballast of the boat does not appear nowhere, I would say that it is a a boat with a relatively high B/D ratio and that with all the lead in a bulb 1.7m below should give it a lot of righting moment and a good reserve stability.

I would have loved to have a boat like that in my youth and I can tell you that I would not use it for daysailing, but for cruising and some racing


Nice story Paulo, yes in a world of consumerism and mass production, we are often told that we need things that we really dont.

I watched the video of the designer of the Fareast you provided. He was talking about the boat being of high quality materials but he looks very serious and and not winking. I mean how the hell is this possible for $50k? Whats the catch?

I'm eyeing a beautiful well maintained Contessa 32 here in Lake Ontario and Im thinking that for the same money, if what they say of the construction of the Fareast is true, I may have one shipped. Its brand new, faster, not 30 years old and the interior seems just as spacious for a 26 vs. a Contessa 32.

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