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[quote= I'm just glad they only killed each other, instead of casual bystanders. No sympathy here.[/quote]

A month or so ago I was driving south on I275 in the middle of the day. Traffic wasn't heavy, I was in the center of three lanes doing about 65. A crotch rocket entered, sped up and passed me in the right lane, then crossed over to the fast lane in front of me. I was wondering what the hell he was doing as he slowed down and I passed him, when suddenly he popped a wheelie right next to me and held it for at least a hundred yards or so. After screwing around like that for a minute or so he buzzed on and I was left to fantisize about rounding the next bend in the freeway and seeing the little a..hole pulled over by a trooper. I would have felt like crap if I had seen him splattered all over the freeway. I never even imagined the scenario.
The lack of empathy I get from you guys is astounding.
While I'm sure you all have never done anything foolish, foolhardy, discurteous or stupid, is it too much to ask you let the bodies cool before you start in with your selfrighteous, judgemental and thoughtless comments?
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