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"The lack of empathy I get from you guys is astounding.
While I'm sure you all have never done anything foolish, foolhardy, discurteous or stupid, is it too much to ask you let the bodies cool before you start in with your selfrighteous, judgemental and thoughtless comments?"

Well, Knothead, speaking only for myself, sure, I've done things that were foolish or stupid. Lived through the stupid ones and later learned not to chance repeating them. Of course, once upon a time none of us drove with seat belts and that would be called stupid today.

But in the case of those guys? Anyone that can afford to burn $500-1000 on an afternoon beer run can afford to learn how boats work. What we see time and time again is guys who have more macho than brains, and I'd give you odds they were playing chicken to see who could get to the next point faster. That's just plain STUPID when you consider that boats at the speed simply CANNOT be controlled 100%, and any accident at that speed WILL BE FATAL.

If I killed myself the same way, I wouldn't expect much sympathy, drunk or sober. Wait to see if they recover enough body parts to do a blood alcohol reading, I'd bet on BWI as well as BWS (Boating while stupid).

Empathy? Yeah, I have empathy. What's left of it gets applied with the standard rules for triage. And these guys were just plain old Category 3, no matter what you do they're gonna die [sic], so you save it for someone else who might benefit from it.

If the crotchrocket jock spilled and you slid on his remains and wound up stuffing into a tree at 60mph and sitting in the hospital for a couple of months...would you feel sorry for HIM? I hope not. Terminal stupidity is a natural part of life, and if we weren't doing such a good job of fighting mother nature with bleeding heart regulations, we might have less of it in the gene pool.

Wanna do without seat belts? PFDs? Swim without lifeguards among rip currents and sharks? Hey, that's fine with me. Just don't expect me to mourn the folks who do it, and don't get lucky. We're supposed to know better by now.
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