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Originally Posted by Chimbatete View Post
Nice story Paulo, yes in a world of consumerism and mass production, we are often told that we need things that we really dont.

I watched the video of the designer of the Fareast you provided. He was talking about the boat being of high quality materials but he looks very serious and and not winking. I mean how the hell is this possible for $50k? Whats the catch?

I'm eyeing a beautiful well maintained Contessa 32 here in Lake Ontario and Im thinking that for the same money, if what they say of the construction of the Fareast is true, I may have one shipped. Its brand new, faster, not 30 years old and the interior seems just as spacious for a 26 vs. a Contessa 32.
Chimbatete, I don't know what is the right boat for you but I know that the Contessa 32 is a completely different boat from the Fareast 26.

The contessa 32 is a 35 year's old design, a good one, a relatively heavy and seaworthy sailboat. It is also relatively fast, specially upwind in medium and strong winds but as nothing to do with the performance of a Fareast 26, specially downwind. Even upwind the small difference in LWL 15cm will not be enough to compensate the much better sail area/Displacement of the F26, except perhaps in heavy weather.

Contessa 32 Review :

But most of all the feeling of the two boats will be world's apart, if you like one, you would probably not like the other

I give you an advise: Test sail that Contessa 32 and then charter a J80, or find someone here that does not mind to give you a ride. The J 80 is an older design (regarding the Fareast 26), with less draft and without all the ballast in a bulb, a smaller and a lighter boat with a much smaller cabin, but you will have an idea.


The Fareast should be more stiff (he can carry more 20% of sail) have a bit more inertia (it is 25% heavier) and would be faster, specially upwind where its much bigger LWL will mark the difference (more 54 cm).

It would have a feel of a bigger boat, with a bigger free-board, probably it will be a bit more seaworthy and of course, it has an incomparable bigger cabin with an incomparable better cruising interior. Not that the J 80 is not a seaworthy boat, it is. Its bigger handicap as an offshore racer is its limited interior space for the crew.

J/80 One-Design, Family Sailboat- A Family Rocketship- The Ultimate Family Sailboat For Sailors Who Love Sailing, Racing, Day-sailing or One-Design Sailing.

J/80 One-Design Sailboat- Sailing World Review- The Ultimate 26 ft One-Design Sailboat For Sailors Who Love Sailing, Racing, Day-sailing or One-Design Sailing.

J/80 International One-Design- Practical Sailor Review- The Ultimate 26 ft Sailboat For Sailors Who Love Sailing, Racing, Day-sailing or One-Design Sailing.

The Fareast 26 is a bigger and heavier boat, comparing with the J 80, but I guess that sailing a j80 will give you an idea. You have just to imagine a stiffer and bigger J80 with a good cruising interior.

I would be very interested in that comparative and in your opinion regarding both boats and its sailing characteristics

If you found out that the Fareast 26 is the boat you want, you should talk with that nice lady in the Video. She should probably be interested in having a Fareast 26 on some USA boat shows and will probably pay you the boat transport if you allow her to have it on one or two boat shows



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