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These are sailboats

I had always been under the impression that if I wanted to get there fast to go with a power boat and pay through the nose in order to go that fast.

Sailing is not really a "speed" thing for cruising here and, there and, seriously, most sailors don't actually sail anywhere . . . they generally go out for a few hours and come back to their dock(and shore power) nightly to enjoy the other aspects of sailing.

I get no thrill from traveling 6+ knots under power, but I might actually get a "little" thrill traveling 3 knots with electric and as far as going 100+ miles, well with a truly oversized motor 100 miles will still take almost 15 hours travel time with no slowing down and no stopping . . . at 6 knots a hull-pushing(inefficient) speed.

In general, even though cruising in a sailboat is not really a "speed" activity, it seems to be the numeral-uno topic when it comes to electrifying . . . that, along with an overly expectant minimum distance range.

Of course even when I sail over 30-40 miles, I rarely motor more than a few miles . . . and when I motor, I generally target about 3-4 MPH, or about 3knots. Most sailors don't even go out if there's not enough wind to at least push the boat forward maybe a couple of knots.

I wish there were more discussion on the advantage of instant power with instant torque when needed, along with how long that "instant" power and torque might be needed and more discussion on how long an electric engine might power a sailboat at an efficient speed of 2-3 knots, which might actually be sustainable with solar panels through the length of a sunny day. Let's not talk about the inefficiency of ICE, the high RPM's needed to experience torque and speed, or the thrill of gassing up. Let's also not discuss how most sailors worry more about the excess gas left over in the fall cause they just don't end up using much of the gas they filled up with in May.

My important issues
1) amount of energy/power needed in an emergency for short while
2) amount of energy/power needed to maintain a leisurely speed(2-3 knots)
3) how long can my batteries move me at my leisurely speed
4) can I renew my used/spent energy on a daily basis
5) can I spend most of my time on the water actually sailing . . . with the sails

I think the electric option fits the need of the first 4 and the 5th is not dependent on the source of engine power.
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