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Originally Posted by Diligence

I've been gone for a while and recently came back to use the forums on I was surprised to find that the format has changed and I can no longer get all the forum messages sent directly to my inbox. I'm curious if people prefer this new format where you have to log on to the website to read/send messages?

I've posted some messages on the new forums, but no one has replied. I used to get lots of replies to all my messages.

I don't like it at all and really miss the old style; is it just me, or do others feel the same way? Why did Sailnet change their forums? Is it possible to switch back to the old method?


Thanks for your observations and comments.

To address your concerns one by one let us offer the following:

You wrote: "can no longer get all the forum messages sent directly to my inbox"

We reply: You can. You can get instant messages notification, daily email notification or weekly notification through what is called "subscriptions". When you enter a forum there is a link at the top of the forum called "thread tools". If you click on this, a window appears with multiple options and one of the options is titled "subscribe". When you choose "subscribe" you're presented with a list of options that offer you "instant" notification (you're receive multiple emails throughout the day), daily notification, or weekly notification.

In fact you can even subscribe to individual threads instead of an entire forum if your interest is specific instead of general. This is much more comprehensive and useful than the old sailnet homegrown feature.

You wrote: "Why did Sailnet change their forums?"

The old sailnet forums were antiquated, slow and did not offer anyone the ability to include pictures in their posts. In addition they were developed by programmers who are no where to be found or accessible by the new owners of sailnet and we wanted a commercially available forum system that could be easily enhanced, supported and maintained that offered SailNet members more features and functionality than the old system.

You wrote: "Is it possible to switch back to the old method?"

The answer is no, we have chosen to use new system and dozens of emails from very happy members confirm the new style forums were a good choice.

In summary, we take you opinions and comments seriously and suspect that your comments were prompted primarily by a lack of knowledge and familiarity with our new forums. We hope that as you continue to use and explore many of the new features now available your impression will change.

In any event, thank you for your questions and we look forward to assisting you in the future.

kindest regards

SailNet Technical Support
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