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Originally Posted by AdamLein View Post
Really nice video. One of the better videos I've seen of a vessel hove-to in nasty weather (though I didn't hear them say what wind speeds they were seeing), and at one point you can see a sea-anchor rode.

Btw on SA there's a post listing Bella Luna as a Swan 48, not 42.
Yep, You are correct, Bella Luna is a Swan 48. Sounds like they just barely made it in to Charleston.
Skipper AJ’s Report from Bella Luna

Bella Luna is safe, if not beaten, in Charleston, SC.

What a trip we just had. I thought I would fill in the gaps of our journey.

As you know by the second day Bella Luna a Swan 48 was right up there with Catch 22, Namaste and Avocation. We hove-to as instructed by RealWx and waited to cross stream no earlier than Thursday morning. We watched boats sail by us, and after the 5 pm radio net we got back underway.
Hank and the rest were now a good 60 miles ahead of us. The Stream was no biggie and we headed East, dodging eddies the whole way. We were aiming at Bermuda, 170 degrees under storm jib when the genoa started to get a pocket, up top in a fold. By the time the crew was on deck, 1 min max, it had created an hourglass type pocket 2/3rds up the forestay. Approx 50 sq ft of sail out in 35-45 apparent wind. Waggle’n the rig to all get out. Thought it was gonna come down.

No efforts could un furl, furl, or drop sail. We had to hove to and wait for the rig to fail...
5 hrs later it finally ripped . . . dang kevlar sail . . . a Dacron sail would have popped in 5 mins!
With sail now torn, waggling’ stopped.

Now we have drifted to far west to make Bermuda. So we hunkered down and waited, while monsters crashed the deck and fill cockpit . . . drifting at 4-5 kts surfing sideways down waves.
Once we were just north of Bermuda I put on the brakes and launched my Gale Rider, drogue. Now only drifting at 1-2 kts with a good motion.
Sail is still flapping but we are glad it ripped.

We were 86 nm from Bermuda. After seeing the development of Sean, on Garmin XMWeather, we knew we could not make Bermuda and we pulled drogue, and aim for the coast with storm jib alone.

We did 214 nm in 24hrs that day, 175 the next.
We popped out of the massive low and thought we were home free.
Then . . while crossing the stream, with no warning, winds shifted and hit us hard with 30-40 on the nose, mid-stream. What next?

At 2 am we came off a wave so hard it blew the speedo plug out. Within mins, there were were floating floorboards, all systems went off, main breaker tripped.
We hand pumped 2000+gallons of sloshing sea water out of the boat, but the damage was done. Everything, all electronic systems, refer, water maker all out, due to saltwater immersion. Oh, yea the engine died and we had to get towed into Charleston.
Drying boat now.
I have a small amount of video, sorry lost 1 camera.
Will fwd when I can.
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