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What and/or when is tipping appropriate? Years back I remember my Dad buying two bucks worth of gas and tipping the attendant 25 cents, but that was 1954.
Knowing how restaurants screw with their employees ( really $2.10 an HOUR) I'll always try for 20 % for the waitstaff. In hotels I'll leave 2-3 dollars for the house maid ( or house man maybe?) Outside the USA in many places a couple dollars makes a difference for the people on both sides of the equation but here if it makes a dent in college tuition it also makes a dent in me.
Tell me dear readers - what am I to do?
A couple months ago I went into Georgetown Yacht Basin in a nasty rain and wind. The manager and his helper were in the launch, led me to the mooring, picked the painter off the ball and secured it to my bow. Classy and appreciated, and I thanked them later when I paid for the night. Should I have tipped someone? Who? The manager?? The helper???
I'm a working schmo with a boat, if "I" offered "me" a tip I think I'd be insulted. Practically speaking when I hit the fuel dock and put $50 on my credit or debit card am I expected to tip - as in add a gratuity like in a restaurant? I'm kind, not demanding, don't spill or create cleanups. I smile, offer cold drinks on hot days....should I be like Rodney Dangerfield in caddyshack?
I don't have an aversion to tipping appropriately and sure don't want to run afoul the tipping police but I have enough to think about in life to skip calculating 10-13-20% on each transaction, then handing two bucks to the millionaire who just docked his superyacht and was kind enough to grab my line as he walked by.
Oh the vexation! What is one to do?
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