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I have an 8hp outboard with a three gallon tank for my Oday 23. I usually just take a carry-all to the gas station to avoid paying the fuel dock premiums, but once in a great while, I have to go to a fuel dock. The last time, I pulled up, took my three gallon tank out and put it on the dock, and filled up. The bill came to less than $10. I started to pull out my cash, and the dock hand just laughed. He was quite amused at the thought of someone paying cash at the fuel dock. He went to get me changel, but came back a few minutes later saying that he didn't have any cash and to just forget about it.

I have stayed at a marina twice, and both times I tipped, but only out of habit. The dockhands (town teens) really didn't know what they were doing; perfectly polite and nice, but they really had no clue how to do more than affix a line to a cleat. No attempt to provide excellent service. And as for tipping at a fuel dock: as I related above, my experience is minimal, but what I have seen at both fuel docks that I pass regularly: the attendant may or may not help with lines, but never, ever do they pump the fuel. The attendant hands the fuel pump nozzle to the boater, then gets out of way. I can see offering a tip if he assists you in docking, but for handing you a hose and taking your money?..... Do fuel dock attendants actually pump the fuel in other locations?
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