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The Wombet always used to say as we lounged about on our lovely old 34' Raven that if only we could inflate her a few feet she'd be happy. In reality at 42' that is what we ended up with and we are pretty much content. Points of interest ...

We'd love a swim platform and intend adding one. We'd like a walk through cockpit but at the expense of that lovely big lazerette ? Not so sure about that. Platform will be a grate off the transom.

Maybe because we are down here in Oz but I'm afraid refrigeration is for us an absolute must not an option.

Galley is a good size but I sure wish Bob Perry had designed it. That charming old bugger sure has a way with a galley doesn't he ? However with a fold up flap at the end of the workbench, which effectively then brings the chart table into the galley, we seem to have plenty of preparation room and twin sinks are nice. Stove with oven is good but we'll upgrade to three burners and grill (thats oz for broiler) rather than just two burners.

Fridge size is an interesting one. Yes I'd like it to be larger but its sufficient and we keep a cooler in the quarter cabin that we keep cool using those refreezeable brick thingys (hell I don't know what they are called) which we freeze in the main fridge. Happy with that, larger fridge would require more power to run but would make for easier access. Have given serious consideration to adding an extra fridge but location is undecided. If I was building a boat I'd have a two drawer fridge. Seems like the perfect solution to me.

Air conditioning ? Not until someone comes up with something that is cheap and easy to run off solar/wind generated 12v. Good shade covers , good insulation, good natural venilation and a fan or two will have to suffice. The idea of requiring mains voltage is anathema to us. Shade covers otoh are absolute essentials. We intend to add another that extends under the solar panels and out to both lifelines and pushpit. That will mean we can have the cockpit open in hot rainy weather, something the Swedes in their cool climate wisdom did not think about. A good preferably diesel heater is however a must have. The joys of winter cruising cannot be understated but you need heat and you need a really well designed dodger arrangement for incelement weather. Make damn sure it has an opening clear for the hot days.

I'm not absolutely sure what David means by centreline berth but that has to be hard to design in, surely. We have one I guess in that the double quarter berth extends under the cockpit but when the lee cloth is raised its not a place I'd like to spend time. We cruise mainly two up so when one is off watch they can kip on the leeward settee berth. If its really horrid, the best place to be is on the cabin sole between the settees.

Speaking of which, I consider rounded ends on settees to be an utter curse with absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever. Ours are only slightly curved so not too bad but that is the last thing on the list and at some point we will square off the port settee berth.

Lastly but not leastly ... I want and we have a nice deep bilge.

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