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Liquid or 'thin' caulking?

A hatch on my boat is leaking rainwater between the frame and the plexi-glass(?) window. Repairing this will mean removing the glass (I using "glass" rather broadly here) and installing a proper gasket. However, removing, then replacing, the glass will be a major project for several reasons: there are stainless screws going through the glass to hold it into the aluminum frame & these are probably very stuck. The aluminum hatch dog-assembly is bolted through the glass and the bolts are fixed with a tiny set screw that has rusted quite severely. I can't get these to budge. I suspect these will have to be drilled out and then new holes tapped and new set screws installed.

So, my question: For my winter, rainy Vancouver area sailing is there any way I can seal this glass/frame leak temporarily? I was wondering if there is some kind of liquid caulking that might penetrate the very thin gap and then solidify into rubbery seal. I suppose some kind of narrow tape over top of the glass/frame joint might also work but what kind of tape? Right now, I just have a small tarp over the hatch and this is not too bad but cuts the daylight into the cabin.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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