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Originally Posted by RossC32 View Post
A hatch on my boat is leaking rainwater between the frame and the plexi-glass(?) window. Repairing this will mean removing the glass (I using "glass" rather broadly here) and installing a proper gasket. However, removing, then replacing, the glass will be a major project for several reasons: there are stainless screws going through the glass to hold it into the aluminum frame & these are probably very stuck. The aluminum hatch dog-assembly is bolted through the glass and the bolts are fixed with a tiny set screw that has rusted quite severely. I can't get these to budge. I suspect these will have to be drilled out and then new holes tapped and new set screws installed.

So, my question: For my winter, rainy Vancouver area sailing is there any way I can seal this glass/frame leak temporarily? I was wondering if there is some kind of liquid caulking that might penetrate the very thin gap and then solidify into rubbery seal. I suppose some kind of narrow tape over top of the glass/frame joint might also work but what kind of tape? Right now, I just have a small tarp over the hatch and this is not too bad but cuts the daylight into the cabin. Thanks for any suggestions. Ross
Is the lens going to be reused? I suspect it is plexi and will need replacing if the rest of the hardware is as bad as you make out.

If you plan to reuse the lens, I'd not attempt any temporary fix - leave the cover over it until spring. The reason is that any tape or sealant used for a temporary fix will most likely deteriorate the lens. No tape will last that long without welding itself down. Sealant put over the existing sealant will end up on the lens and be next to impossible to remove without scratching the lens.

On the other hand, if you plan on making a new lens, just bodge up the leak with some weatherproof sealant.

There are some threads on this forum that detail the replacement of a hatch lens.

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